Sunday October 22nd 2017

Customs Regulations

All passengers visiting the Maldives should go through customs checking. Passengers’ luggage and any other hand carrying items should go through x-ray checking and if the customs officer needs further checking then the luggage should be opened for inspection.

Importing of alcoholic beverages, narcotic drugs, pornographic materials and idols of worship are prohibited by law. Strict penalties will apply to those attempting to do so.

If you are bringing in a lot of photographic or diving equipment it is advisable to inform your resort / hotel / local agents of the details prior to your arrival or bring a list with details such as serial numbers of the equipment, to avoid delay at the airport upon arrival.  You will be expected to take them back with you. Import duty is payable for any items left behind.

Radio & Wireless Communication Equipment
All radio and communications equipments should be declared to Customs on arrival for frequency approval from relevant authority.

Plants, Live animals & Birds
Those wishing to import plants, live animals and birds should produce proper  phytosanitary / sanitary certificate(s). required. In its absence, the items will be confiscated.


All types of video films and movies should be declared to Customs for approval through Government censors.

Passengers returning from abroad are given the following concessions regarding the goods they bring along for each travel. This concession is not applicable to goods carried in commercial quantities.

  • Wearing apparel
  • Jewellery, watches and pens for personal use
  • Toiletries. (Soap, perfume, shampoo and such)
  • Camera, radio and such for personal use
  • 200 sticks of cigarette or 25 cigars and 200 gram tobacco (only allowed for person over 16 years of age)
  • Books and Magazine used during the flight
  • In addition to the above mention, Rf2000/- concession on dutiable goods will be given

Citizens returning from abroad are entitled to the following concessions regarding the goods they bring along. This concession is applicable to personal items and not for items in commercial quantity, determined on the period spent abroad.

  • Less than 1 year, Rf 7000/-
  • 1 to 3 years, Rf 9500/-
  • More than 3 years, Rf 12,000/-

In addition to above

  • Student visa holders returning from abroad are exempted their computers, books and such used while abroad
  • Passengers staying abroad for more than one year are exempted their used personal items.

Items like newspaper, magazine, cloths, reading glasses and medicine prescribed by doctors that are brought for others order will be given a concession of Rf2000/- per person per travel. Items imported for others order for commercial purpose is excluded. Additional items excluded in the allowance should be cleared under import license after paying import duty.

The following vessels/vehicles are to be registered in the Ministry of transport and civil aviation. These will be released after registry forms are filled.

  • All kind of vehicles like motor/auto cycle, car, pickup and lorry
  • All sea vessels
  • Battery powered vehicles

Dutiable Goods in Commercial Quantities
Passengers carrying dutiable goods in commercial quantities should fulfill the following:

  • Produce commercial invoice(s).
  • Have an import license or a temporary import license.
  • Submit the above documents to the officer on duty who will assist in processing the declaration. Duty payments can also be made at this stage.

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