Entry to Maldives


Effective from March 13th, 2022, PCR is not mandatory to enter the Maldives.


Free Tourist Visa on Arrival

No pre-arrival visa is required for tourists to Maldives. Up to thirty-day free visa is issued on arrival for all nationalities. 

You must meet the following criteria:

Traveller Declaration must be filled in and submitted by all travelers travelling to and from Maldives, within 96 hours prior to their travel. You may submit the form electronically via IMUGA

Should posses a valid machine readable passport with at least 1 months validity

Have a valid ticket to continue the journey out of Maldives

Have enough funds to cover the expenses for duration of the stay in Maldives. (US$100 + $50 dollars per day) or a confirmation of reservation in a Tourist Resort or a Hotel

Employment is strictly prohibited under this category.


Other visas

Permission to visit for other purposes, including employment, has to be obtained from the Maldives Immigration. Please refer to the Maldives Immigration website’s page for further details.


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