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Foreign Investment and Trade


The Embassy of Maldives in Tokyo facilitates foreign investment and trade in the Maldives for potential investors in Japan and South Korea through its Commercial Diplomacy Unit.


Foreign investors can either register a business as a FDI or opt to submit proposal under the unsolicited proposal's policy, and the Government of Maldives welcomes foreign investments in the Maldives through four possible routes:


  1. Foreign Direct Investments
  2. Unsolicited Proposal Policy (USP)
  3. Investment Funds at Maldives Fund Management Corporation
  4. Participation in Government tenders


The following Investment Guide Book (in Japanese language) provides an overview into guidelines and availability of diverse and viable investment avenues for investors in the Maldives.

Additionally, the Investment guide book also offers a glimpse into success stories of Japanese Investors in Maldives.

Interested investors may direct all inquiries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. For those who are interested, the guide book is also available at Maldives Embassy in Japan.


General Guide to Investing in the Maldives

Foreign Direct Investment Policy

Application form (submission of unsolicited projects)

Sample Template of Letter of Financial Credibility

Unsolicited Proposals policy





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