Embassy of Maldives celebrated 55th anniversary of diplomatic relationship with Japan

The Embassy of Maldives celebrated 55th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations between Maldives and Japan at Minato Blossom Festa on 12th to 13th November, where the Embassy had a booth along with other diplomatic missions located in Minato city. We promoted Maldives as a tourism destination to the visitors and at the booth the traditional hand craft items were displayed to share the culture of the Maldives. At the closing of the two-days event, two Maldivian songs were performed at the stage by a Japanese singer, which was well received by the audience. Before the performance, Ambassador H.E. Hassan Sobir made a speech at the stage addressing the special occasion. In his remark, he revealed his gratitude to the government and people of Japan for their commitment and kindness throughout the journey of the development of Maldives. After the live performance, we also had an event with the visitors, where the winner got the prize of a holiday package to the Maldives at Lily Beach Resort.

Today, on 14th November 2022, we are marking the 55th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Maldives and Japan.

Maldives has been developing a long history of friendship with Japan, and the close cordial relations have been enhanced over the past half century after establishing the formal diplomatic relationship in 1967. After Japan becoming the 10th country to have diplomatic relations with the Maldives, especially over the past three decades, a steadfast and prominent development of partnership have been observed all because of the effort from both the countries.

Japan has been one of the reliable and greatest supporters to the Maldives in its development journey. With admiration, the numerous forms of assistance that have been given throughout the years have reached all four corners of Maldives; sensible in the development of infra structure, vocational education, human resource development, sustainable fishery, and also communication and sports. Specially, during the Asian Tsunami in 2004, and the recent COVID pandemic, Japan was one of the very first countries that generously sent aid and assistance to the people of Maldives.

On this very special occasion, the Embassy of Maldives extends our sincere appreciation and gratitude to the Government and people of Japan for their continuous generous assistance.