Japanese Government Hands Over 3 Assistive Vehicles to MAPD

H.E. Mrs. Takeuchi Midori, Ambassador of Japan to Maldives officially handed over 3 assistive vehicles in value of 209,667 USD to Maldives Association of Persons with Disability (MAPD) under the Grant Assistance for Grass Roots Human Security Project (GGP). 

The vehicles are donated in line with the Grant Contract signed between the Embassy of Japan in Maldives and MAPD on March 16, 2021. This project is essential to ensure that people with all types of disabilities have access to education, employment, health care and social settings, with safety and affordability. The brand of vehicle is Toyota Hiace GDH322R with a capacity of 7 sheets and 2 wheelchair space. 

The GGP is part of the Japanese Official Development Assistance (ODA) implemented by the Embassy of Japan in Maldives in order to empower people at the grassroots level. Since 1996, the GGP has been implemented in broad areas such as education, environment, health, transportation and energy in order to contribute to sustainable development of the Maldives.

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