Passport Service

Passport Services for Maldivian citizens

The Embassy provides Passport services for Maldivian citizens residing in Japan in coordination with Maldives Immigration and the Maldives' Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Embassy provides the following services:

  • Applying to renew passport: Maldivian citizens residing in Japan can renew their expiring/ed passports through the Maldives Embassy.
  • Applying to replace passport: Maldivian citizens residing in Japan can apply to replace their lost, stolen or damaged passports through the Maldives Embassy.
  • Applying for a new passport: Maldivian citizens born in Japan and/or residing in Japan can apply for their first Maldivian passport. (Note that applications for first passport require a valid Maldivian National ID Card. If the applicant does not possess a valid National ID Card, please see National ID Card Services page for additional information on how to obtain/renew National ID Card.)

Required Documents

1.   Completed Passport Service Request form including all supporting documents.
2.   Completed Passport Application Form of the Maldives Immigration including any supporting documents. Please ensure that passport photo complies with Maldives Passport Photo Guidelines (pdf).
3.   Completed Passport application form for Maldivians Abroad (IM32) of the Maldives Immigration.
4.   Letter informing Maldives Immigration of collection and payment contact in Maldives. (Download sample Letter in pdf formats).

Note: Passport fees are to be paid directly to Maldives Immigration through a contact person in Maldives as provided No. 4).

Processing Time

Following receipt of application, passport renewal will take approximately 12 working days.
Renewal will take longer if the necessary documents are missing, incomplete or not in accordance with requirements, and/or payment is incomplete.
To avoid delays please take care to read the instructions and complete the forms and provide all the supporting documents.
Please feel free to contact the Embassy by phone or email if you have any questions about the process or when filling the forms.